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If you have an Epson printer and you get the 0x97 error code when printing, you have to wonder why this Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 happens when you order a print job from your phone. Keep reading until the end, with the help of which you can remove this error on your own, we have some troubleshooting steps given below.
Epson printers are the most widely used and highly respected worldwide for their print quality, but most users who use Epson printers particularly from a long-term recorded that error code 0x97 usually occurs with Epson system during the printing process.
On the printer indicator, this error code appears giving up the notice to turn off and on the Epson printer. The printer will suddenly stop the printing work when this error occurs. This mistake is the result of some problems involving your printer's internal hardware. Although solving any printer issue often needs technical know-how, we have listed some easy steps in this article that can be easily solved by a client.
Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 using these methods:-
(1)-Use of Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter:-
First of all, a user can use the printer troubleshooting software from Microsoft to address this Epson error problem. You may be asked to couple or unplug the printer multiple times when following this troubleshooting process. However, after starting the troubleshooter, a client must be sure to follow the directions or guidelines. The troubleshooter for Microsoft Printer can be easily downloaded using the following steps:-
1. Go here to the web link.
2. Download this troubleshooter quickly and install it on your Windows computer.
3. Follow the instructions for correcting the 0x97 printer bug.

A user may also be able to follow the user manual in the package box of the Epson printer. Try to find out the question of the error by using the manual and indicate possible solutions at the same place.
(2)-Use of Unplug and Plug-in Mechanism:-
When this error code 0x97 occurs on an Epson printer, the indicator prompts the printer to be turned off and then switched on again. The process requires the printer to be unplugged from the power supply first and the power supply plug-in again. Here are the steps to enforce this process:-
1. Unplug all Epson printer cables and USB.
2. Open the upper or back section of the printer and, if found, remove any paper jams.
3. Detach and hold the printer cartridges in a safe place.
4. Now reconnect to the printer all the USBs and power cable.
5. Finally, turn on your printer from Epson.
(3)-Use of wet tissue to clean the printer:-
Furthermore, error code 0x97 may occur because the printer has accumulated a lot of dust that surmounts the printer to make it dirty.Certain considerations may include excess ink around the head sprayer, inside the roller paper pieces, and the presence of unwanted elements inside the printer. We highly recommend that you use a wet (preferably moist) tissue to wash your printer. Your printer can be cleaned up here:-
Turn off your Epson printer
Open the printer casing carefully.
Now, take a tissue and use warm water to wet it.
Epson Printer Customer Support:-
If the problem does not resolve after following the above steps, call for further assistance to Epson Printer Customer Support +1-866-748-5444 immediately. Epson printer support expert technicians can solve your problem in just a few minutes. So don't hesitate, call now for help from Epson.
Website: https://www.errorcodeexpert.com/epson-xp-830-how-to-fix-epson-printer-error-code-0x97/
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I have been using Epson printer for some time now and really liked it a lot. I generally use it to print the tasks which I get from assignment writing service and I am really happy with the print quality. I would surely follow the steps mentioned if I face any problem.
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